Why binary options are so interesting?

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There is a simple explanation. It is easy and fast. These two advantages are not to be dismissed out of hand. For the trader, through the simple set of rules that the binary options trading pretending eliminates many uncertainties in the market directly. There are fixed probabilities, rules and fees.

In addition, that makes a very good risk management possible. Is a change in the global market place (for example, the depreciation of a currency), so there is always a great opportunity by binary options retract substantial, profits. Even very small price movements can already generate profits.

Moreover, these profits are compared to forex trading (in equal proportions) huge! As binary options 2008 for the first time by the mass market were “acceptable”, the commercial world was unanimous. This is the most interesting and potentially most lucrative, especially development of the industry. Of course, in financial terms. So would be the short answer to our question, who is binary options.

They are for anyone, who wants to make maximum profits in a short time. Nevertheless, let us go a bit more in detail… Now free for everyone to use, it used to be (before 2008) so that only selected investors with so-called “Binary Options” button at the semi-official market transactions made. At that time, binary options were still considered exotic and therefore unsuitable for most investors.

Now things have changed completely! Since 2008 have begun to offer some great exchanges, binary options and of course then some brokers specialize quickly to offering this to all interested investors. In particular, many Forex traders have really fallen on the binary options and of course the offer again been significantly increased.

Strategy revolutionized the binary options

It is important to allocate the risk. Should never be allowed to be carried away too much to put into a trade. It is important to use NEVER more than 5% of its total capital. If you follow the tactics so just mentioned and at the “rules” keep (use a maximum of 5%, trend lines secure, never trade out of boredom), by means of this simple trick you will increase rapidly the binary options.

The trend strategy has proven itself and is based on many small trades to make based on a corresponding number of different trend lines that generate bottom line profits and losses negate. Finally, a recommendation for the optimal trading setup for beginners. Sign up to for a free demo account with eToro. The charts can be readily available and this provider is very suitable for beginners. There is also a risk free first trade! Ideal for the start!

Trading Tip

Since the described tactic is based on always finding the optimal trend lines and not all vendors always all currency pairs or commodities, etc., available, in which they occur precisely, you should sign up with several providers for binary options and at different Forex brokers to cover as many combinations.

In the forex accounts, it is sufficient to set up a demo account.

The trend strategy: constant earn money with binary options

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This simple strategy for binary options trading is much tried. It comes to the tips and tricks repertoire of every trader. Everything you need to apply the trend strategy is a free demo account with eToro, and a real money account with one of our vendors for binary options. Properly applied, this strategy is a license to print money!The so-called trend strategy is based on the proverb: “The trend is your friend”.

Everyone has heard this saying before, knows how important it is to stick to existing trend lines. What is important in trading is, of course, just as binary options! Again, the more likely that an existing trend to continue, as he suddenly reverses. A fact that you can do with binary options even better advantage than in Forex trading. Since a binary option trading has a predetermined, it does not matter if the price fluctuates briefly.

When trading binary options make short-term fluctuations do not mind as long as the expected trend is stable and has voted at the outlet of the option the general direction. Just one pip above the entry price guaranteed a profit and in this way has a profit of often up to 89% of the stake!

The trend strategy

Let us get back to trend strategy. This is based on the probability that a trend continues more than that it is reversed. That is the whole trick. Many will read this and stop an equal start to trade accordingly. Because this statement is so simple, it also offers many possibilities. Let us see a closer look: The Trend Strategy consists of two simple steps…

Step 1: Find Friends

First, we need reliable trend charts. Because “The trend is your friend”. The whole trend strategy is actually based on reliable trend charts where the trend lines is clearly visible. Unfortunately, many providers of binary options will not really clear charts and thus no reasonable means to identify trend lines.5 Minute Chart Falling trend in the 5 Minute Chart 1 minute chart protection in the 1 minute chart

Step 2: Losing to win

The mass is the solution. Never should a trade be more than 5% of your capital. This means for example if you click on option have an account with a balance of $ 200, a trade should be a maximum of $ 10. By the amount of trades, you make sure that losing trades are compensated, as a trend line is of course no guarantee. Of course, some trades will end up costly.